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College Friends

We serve and treat all individuals as one,while exploring their purpose!

Who are we and What we do?

Exploring Your Purpose LLC is a organization that provides training, develop skills and enhance education to prepare young  adults and senior citizens for different careers, work training, career support, jobs placement for people with mental and physical disabilities. In addition, we also offer Art and Music Therapy, Targeted Behavior, Individual/Family Counseling, Case Management, Behavioral Aide, Parenting Classes, Entrepreneurship, Housing Resources, free food pantry, starting a Business/Nonprofit classes, and Holistic /Clinical services.

  • Job Assessments

  • Job Readiness

  • Work Training

  • 24 Hours Food Pantry

  • Supported Employment

  • Traditional Vocational

  • On - Going Supports

  • Job Coaching

  • Customized jobs

  • Entrepreneur/ mentorship Programs

  • Dance Fitness

  • Youth Programs

  • Parental Classes

  • Computer Classes

  • Employment Connection

  • Young Adult Transitional services

  • Teen Violence Prevention

  • Art/Music Therapy

  • Stabilization

  • Extended Services

  • Case Management 

  • Intakes/Assessments

  • PSAT

  • Clinical Services-Coin Wellness

  • Individual/Family Counseling

  • Health/Wellness Classes

  • Mobile Health Screenings

  • Budgeting Classes

  • Behavioral Interventions

  • 24 Clothing Closest

  • Skill based Certification classes

  • Housing

  • Veteran- Career/Support Services

  • Therapy-individual, group, family

  • Behavioral Aide

  • Parental Support Classes

  • Drug Testing


Exploring Your Purpose

*Highlighted in Clayton County News paper 2022


*National Mental Health Month-Provider

May 2022

*Recipient of the NAACP 2022 Community Service Award

*Highlighted in Atlanta Voyage Magazine

​*Worked with over 50 schools across Georgia in providing supports to students, faculty, staff, career development, entrepreneurship development, promoting stopping the violence, eliminating teen abuse and anti-bullying.

*Assisted over 9,503 families in providing services relating to connecting to employment, housing, food/clothing pantry, therapy support and other social services throughout the East coast.

*Assisted over 30 students with College scholarships totaling over 3.5 million

*Assisted over 1575 individuals with  disabilities actual employment opportunities 


Check us out! We were featured on Channel 2 News, Atlanta Journal Constitution, DeKalb Champion Newspaper, Henry Herald, in the New York Times and US Weekly


4035 Jonesboro Road, Forest Park Georgia 30297 suite 230

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