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About Exploring Your Purpose (EYP)

Why choose our services

We offer Behavior Counseling, Individual and Family Counseling, Supported Employment, Drug Testing, Wrap Around, Behavioral Aide, Parent Classes, Case Management, Drug testing, and Mobile Health and Wellness Services, Career Supports for youth 6 years to Seniors citizens throughout the State of Georgia. We are a Medicaid, Ticket to Work, Supported Employment and Department of Family and Children services. We place key focus on  youth to young adults, individuals with mental  and physical disabilities health, housing linkage, substance abuse counseling, art and behavioral therapy, domestic violence, veterans, low income families therapeutic services. We assist individuals with education, transitioning from school to work, Work, Assessments, Career Plans, Job coaching, on the job coaching, PSAT job readiness, supported employment, job readiness, career development, career/ work assessments, benefits counseling, veterans services, vocational rehabilitation, on and off job supports, resume assistance, job placement, obtaining, maintaining employment, food, clothing, daily resources, counseling, behavioral needs in addition to offering  of daily needs and linkage to our mobile  Wellness needs.

Our process

Our services is an additional of collaborative process for assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, advocacy of options. Services are designed to meet an individual's, families',  and other natural supports comprehensive overall living need. Through communication we provide viable resources to promote individual safety, quality of care, and cost. In addition, service all individuals to gain access to support of their basic daily living skills. All services are confidential.

Our demographic obligation

Assisting families and Individuals with Mental and Behavioral supports.

Connections/Transitions to school and employment

Keeping Our Youth on track and transitioning from school to work. 

School/Work Training Programs


Keeping Youth, Young Adults, and Senior citizen living a well and happy life. Getting back in to the work , education , hobby goals. 

  • Poor/ Limited Health

  • Loss Of Spouse

  • After Retirement Etc.

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